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Submit this order first to have square footage calculated for your order.

1) Submit the order request by completing checkout -- upon completion of the checkout, you will get an order number, and immediately be sent an email. It will be titled
Custom Breations Transfer File Request

2) Go to the email and read it -- it will give you the link to a dropbox to upload your files.

3) Guidelines for the images:
-I accept 4 file types. .PSD; .PNG; .SVG; .AI
-PNG files must be at a minimum DPI of 300; if they are less you assume responsibility for any poor quality image.
-THE IMAGE WILL BE PRINTED AS IT IS UPLOADED (if you removed a background from the image and there were pieces that were missed and look like pixelated edges, it will be printed like that)
-Please make sure that there is no dead space around the edges of the image (there should be no area above, below, or to either side)
- Make sure to size your files before sending them to me. They will be printed as whatever size I get them as (unless they exceed the max size of the film -- then they will be scaled down accordingly) The shortest side can be a maximum of 12.5" (12.5x36 is acceptable, 11x20 is acceptable, 14x14 will be scaled down to 12.5" on the shortest side)
-Keep in mind that not all colors created on a screen can be printed exactly as they appear; if the color cannot translate exactly, the printer will calculate the next closest color.

4) Naming your files: please name the files you are sending as such:
Order number : File number : Quantity

For example: My order number is 001. I send 3 files. I want 3 of file 1, 1 of file 2, and 2 of file 3. I would label each file respectively:

5) Once your images are all submitted, they will be calculated for total square footage. I will mark your order as complete when I have emailed you back with the checkout link for the order itself along with the square footage. If your order doesn't show completed, then you have not been emailed. If you order does show completed, but you haven't gotten an email from me, please check your spam folder.


By submitting an image to print, you are verifying to Custom Breations that you are the legal owner of those images or their likeness or you have been given consent by the owner to use those images. Custom Breations will not be held liable for any copyright or trademark issues that may arise as a result of submitting them for print.

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