Halloween Icons DTF Transfer

Halloween Icons DTF Transfer

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Halloween Horror Icon Transfers.


designs with black/colored background will not print with background; background will be transparent. It is only included in images for visual display of white images unless otherwise noted.

Color style
1. White knockout (for white materials only; white will not be printed in image)
2. Black knockout (for black materials only; black will not be printed in image)
3. Full color (any colored material, all colors will be printed)
4. White
5. Black

1. Cotton - will come with white adhesive
2. Polyester/ Poly cotton blends - will come with black adhesive unless otherwise requested. Suggested on non-white materials with 30% polyester or higher

Size - sizes are the sizes of the transfers themselves, not the sheet they come on. Sheet size will vary based on the transfer size.

Suggested Sizes

3", 4" - Pocket Designs
4", 5" - Infant Clothing
5", 6", - Toddler Clothing
6", 7" - Youth Clothing
8", 9", 10" - Adult Clothing XS- XL
11", 12", 13" Adult Clothing 2XL- 4XL