L1800 Converted for DTF

L1800 Converted for DTF

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DTF in one convenient desktop printer. The L1800 is an awesome printer for DTF. It comes with a build-in Continuous Ink System (CISS) so you don't need to mess around with filling cartridges. Note that while the item may print slower than other counterparts, pairing it with AcroRip can increase speeds up to 40% as well as it is a very reliable printer. Each printer includes a waste ink tank resetter

Since this item is an international printer, not a US based printer, please allow 2-4 weeks for the printer to be ready to ship to you.

Other things you need

  • RIP software (a must to be able to print)
  • You must have Windows. Mac users can look into utilizing Parallels, which can be found at this link (windows 11 is not recommended as drivers do not work on 11)
  • DTF Ink
  • DTF film
  • powder adhesive
  • a method of curing prints (heat press, oven, etc.)
  • A temperature and humidity gauge to ensure humidity to be maintained between 40-65%
    temperature between 68-75
  • A second set of dampers for cleaning solution/ use
  • Cleaning solution
  • A way to print flat (output tray recommended) either purchased OR DIY

All things can be purchased within this package.

Tier 1 consumables - 250 mL of each color/ 2.2 LB Powder/ 100 A3 sheets

Tier 2 - 250mL colors/ 1 liter White / 2.2 LB powder/ 100 A3 sheets

Tier 3 - 1 liter colors /  2 liter white / 2.2 LB powder / 100 A3 Sheets

Warranty - Printer

There is NO RESTRICTION on what brand of consumables the customer chooses to use. You can use any brand you elect without voiding the warranty, as any ink-related part is not covered under warranty as is, therefore has no bearing on what brand you choose to use in the machine. Custom Breations does however recommend using a high- quality ink for less headache to the customer with issues.

What's covered?
The 1 year limited warranty covers electrical parts such as: mainboards, power boards, bearings, pumps, etc. Each component has a limit of ONE (1) replacement within the warranty period, except in the case of DOA (Defective on Arrival) parts.

What's NOT covered?
Any part of the system that comes in contact with ink is NOT included in the warranty. These parts include but are not limited to: printheads, ink lines, ink dampers, capping stations, and ink mixers.

Warranty Process
Warranty items may be shipped to the customer by either Custom Breations or the manufacturer directly based on availability. Warranty parts are required to be shipped back to Custom Breations within 14 calendar days of delivery of the replacement part. Customer is responsible for postage on the item to return. If the item is not provided to the carrier for return within that 14 day window, customer is considered to have voluntarily forfeited the remainder of the warranty on all parts of the machine. Consider use of shipping insurance as products that are lost, stolen, or otherwise mishandled by the shipping company will constitute a failure of return.

Warranty Process - Custom Breations' Work
If customer opts to not install parts themselves and would rather Custom Breations perform the work, that is an option available. Please expect to be without the printer for a period of time while repairs are made, as they are done in first come first serve basis as well as based on the availability of parts. Printers shipped for warranty work must be shipped using the originally provided crate as well as packing material, or otherwise similarly purposed materials if there is a fault in those materials. If originals were not retained, or have since been damaged, it is the responsibility of the customer to provide such packing materials (ie: buying a replacement crate; replacing foam ends; etc). Customer is responsible for transit costs. Consider use of shipping insurance as Custom Breations is not liable for products that are lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise mishandled by the shipping company. Printer must be completely emptied of ink prior to shipment. Customer should clean printhead and all components of ink as any clogs or related issues are not the responsibility of Custom Breations due to improper preparation for shipment. If the printer is received and piece in question is not a warranty issue, customer will be responsible for return shipping cost and any costs of repair if customer chooses to have Custom Breations repair the printer. This includes the cost of parts, plus labor of $25/hr.

Additional Warranty Terms/ Void of Warranty Terms

  • Warranty is non-transferable and applies to the original listed purchaser of the item
  • The Defective on Arrival (DOA) period is 7 days starting the date of delivery. If the product you purchased arrives with non-working parts that are not otherwise covered by the limited warranty, we will cover the replacement part and shipping cost to send the parts you need. In order for items NOT covered in the limited warranty to qualify as DOA, the printer must show no signs of use (ie, cannot have ink in the ink lines leading to the head)
  • Any missing or damaged parts must be reported within 72 hours of delivery. If damages or missing pieces are not reported within that time period, any parts that are not included in the limited warranty are not covered for free replacement.
  • The limited warranty does not cover damage caused by disasters (power outages resulting in electrical issues; natural disasters such as flooding, fire, or any weather-related damaged; or any issues resulting from software or computer connections)
  • The limited warranty does not cover any damage that occurs during shipping by the shipping carrier. During checkout, if the customer declines the insurance that is pre-selected during checkout for shipment coverage, all damages that may occur are acknowledged and accepted by the customer; the customer agrees to not hold Custom Breations liable for their choice. If Customer leaves the shipping insurance selected, customer is responsible for filing a claim through the insurer.
  • The limited warranty will not cover damage caused by improper installation or use of the machine, damages that occur during user-deemed maintenance (ie: flushing the head by hand), failure to follow instructions, misuse, neglect, or accident including but not limited to improper storage or transporting the product without the proper preparation and packaging, unauthorized adjustments, failure of consumable parts (dampers, printheads, etc), any issues resulting in ink coming in contact with electrical components (allowing a damper to leak all over head cables), modifications or addition of accessories, normal wear and tear or external causes such as accidents or other actions or events beyond our reasonable control.
  • If ink is on any electrical part where it should not be in contact, warranty is void on all connecting parts. (ie: ink comes in contact with the printhead cable which then causes a short in the mainboard, the mainboard is not covered under warranty.
  • Failure to maintain a proper environment for the machine in regards to temperature, humidity, etc is solely the liability of the customer and all resulting issues. Examples include: If temperature is too high causing equipment malfunction, or humidity is too high or is too close to a machine that may blow liquid into electronics (humidifier for example), any issues as a result void the warranty. Keep the machine in an area where temperature and humidity are regulated within the parameters provided in the user manual, with no contact with hazardous environments (ie: wet).
  • If the machine is a 220V machine, use of a power converter voids the warranty. You must use a wired 220V outlet.

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