L1800 Converted for DTF

L1800 Converted for DTF

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DTF in one convenient desktop printer. The L1800 is an awesome printer for DTF. It comes with a build-in Continuous Ink System (CISS) so you don't need to mess around with filling cartridges. Note that while the item may print slower than other counterparts, pairing it with AcroRip can increase speeds up to 40% as well as it is a very reliable printer. Each printer includes a waste ink tank resetter

Since this item is an international printer, not a US based printer, please allow 2-4 weeks for the printer to be ready to ship to you.

Other things you need

  • RIP software (a must to be able to print)
  • You must have Windows. Mac users can look into utilizing Parallels, which can be found at this link (windows 11 is not recommended as drivers do not work on 11)
  • DTF Ink
  • DTF film
  • powder adhesive
  • a method of curing prints (heat press, oven, etc.)
  • A temperature and humidity gauge to ensure humidity to be maintained between 40-65%
    temperature between 68-75
  • A second set of dampers for cleaning solution
  • Cleaning solution
  • A way to print flat (output tray recommended) either purchased OR DIY

All things can be purchased within this package.

Tier 1 consumables - 250 mL of each color/ 2.2 LB Powder/ 100 A3 sheets

Tier 2 - 250mL colors/ 1 liter White / 2.2 LB powder/ 100 A3 sheets

Tier 3 - 1 liter colors /  2 liter white / 2.2 LB powder / 100 A3 Sheets

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