Sheet and Roll Feed Printing System with Dryer

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Printhead varies: L1800, 1390, 1400, 1430
Included: printer, shaker/dryer, roll feed
White ink management system to shake ink and prevent separation.
 110V plugs
 Printer needs to be maintained at a humidity of a minimum of 40%
You need RIP software to be able to print
Due to demand; please estimate ~2-4 weeks for delivery
No consumables included with base package. 1 year warranty on most parts (not included: any ink-related parts)
Add-on consumable package available. Includes:
1x Liter Cyan
1x Liter Magenta
1x Liter Yellow
1x Liter Black
2x Liter White
1x roll of film
2.2 LB powder adhesive

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