XP-15000 Converted to DTF

XP-15000 Converted to DTF

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3 Tiers of options for a pre-converted Epson XP-15000 for DTF printing. Please make note that DTF requires maintenance that will vary for each individual; there may be some troubleshooting to fix some issues. It is recommended to have a good background on printing prior to making a printer purchase. I offer support to questions; but I am not available 24/7.

Every printer will be inspected and tested prior to being shipped.

There is a roughly 2-3 week turnaround time for any option

EK Print is an additional $300 (compared to $480, $498 at other retailers)
AcroRip is also available, but make note it is NOT optimized for the 15000, you may experience issues.

CADlink also now supports the 15000! It’s the best option since it also

supports more than just one printer unlike EK Print
RIP programs only work on Windows 7/8/10. Mac users will have to use a program such as parallels or Boot camp to run the software.

Output trays are also available. The trays make sure that the film comes out of the printer level so that the ink does not smear or run while it dries. If you do not purchase a tray, you will have to figure out something to ensure that the prints come out flat from the printer, you cannot use the OEM output tray without modification otherwise. Trays are made and shipped directly from Southbay Creations and can be ordered directly; I offer as an order option for convenience.

Tier 1
Epson XP-15000 with chipless software installed
2 Sets of ink cartridges
Maintenance tank chip resetter
250 mL of each CMYK ink
250 mL of white ink
100 A3 DTF film sheets
2 lb white DTF adhesive powder
External Waste Ink Tank
Printhead Cleaner

Tier 2
everything in Tier 1
650 more mL of white ink (900 mL total)
a CISS set up with dampers and valve shut off
remote installation of EK Print if purchased

Tier 3
everything in Tier 2
650 more of EACH CMYK (total 900 mL EACH)
+1 900 mL
white ink (2 total) additional maintenance tank


once you have filled the printer with DTF ink, there is no warranty. Any damages as a result after placing DTF ink in the printer (fried printheads, burnt electronics, printhead clogs...) are not covered. All sales are final

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